Apologies for the intermittent focus loss during this video due to a problem with the camera, but I think you’ll find what David Morrell – creator of Rambo – has to say truly inspirational. He is a phenomenally successful writer, and he’s done it through creating something that I believe is at the heart of all great fiction – a uniquely memorable character.

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I’ve interviewed a huge number of the world’s most popular authors – as well as lots of people related to the publishing world, asking them quick questions that I think would be of interest to anyone who loves books, is an author, or a budding author.
I filmed many of these interviews when I caught up with the authors at the wonderful Theakston Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate (where I was the programming chair in 2016), and at Thrillerfest, run by the ITW (of which I am International Vice President) in New York – my two favourite crime thriller events!
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