From devout Catholics gone rogue to enlightening reads, Peter James picks these top books about God


Brighton Rock
Graham Greene

Apart from being the book that inspired me to become a writer, this is a marvellously conflicted story of murder and eternal damnation. Pinkie is a 17-year-old boy gangster in charge of a pathetic but dangerous gang of misfits, commits murder. But as a devout Catholic he is terrified of eternal damnation and his terror becomes the dominant theme through the book.


The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown

Still a genuine page-turner, this was a brave book – it proved that there was a genuine appetite among a mass readership for a thriller that incorporated both spiritual learning and theological arguments.


God’s Undertaker
John Lennox

An immensely enjoyable read from Christian apologist and maths professor (there’s a combination!) Lennox. It posits the argument that science, far from destroying the idea of God, might ultimately prove his existence…


There is a God
Anthony Flew

The pre-Dawkins celebrity militant atheist, Flew changed his mind about religion in 2004, saying, “I have a lifelong commitment to go where the evidence leads.” An intriguing premise to a fascinating book.


Is God Still An Englishman?
Cole Moreton

This is an inspirational, compelling book which takes a totally unbiased, highly intelligent look at how belief and worship has changed in our nation. Whether you’re a hardcore atheist or profound believer, this is an enlightening and enriching read.

Absolute Proof by Peter James (Macmillan, £20)