Thought I would share this with you, written by one of my fabulous fans, Maria Annand.  She has created a story using all the titles of my novels….  I think she’s done a brilliant job, I love it!
“Petra Jameson stared bleakly out of the window. The one time SWEETHEART of the silver screen was now in her TWILIGHT years and with her looks faded and her body ravaged by a HOST of ailments which would need the sorcery of an ALCHEMIST to cure,she knew her time had come.
Her mind catalogued fragments from her past, her first stage hit DREAMER! She scoffed at the memory of her beauty and the part she played. She had no trouble LOOKING GOOD DEAD back then. THE TRUTH was, after having been in DENIAL for so long and her FAITH now spent,she knew she would be DEAD TOMORROW! An image of her one true love, her soul mate manifested itself to her…she soooooo wanted to now follow in her DEAD MANS FOOTSTEPS, for since he had gone ,she was in limbo…a place where she felt dead but NOT DEAD ENOUGH.
It was time. It was DEAD SIMPLE. She had nothing to lose.
She turned and looked at the man..”Raif, I have conceived a new play… THE PERFECT MURDER.. and in it I shall be DEAD TOMORROW
She retrieved the pistol from her purse with her Cornelia James glove clad hand and pointed it at him. “I have never forgiven you for GETTING WIRED under that BILLIONAIRE movie mogul’s orders all those years ago. You knew how much that film ATOM DROP ANGEL meant to me and Roy. You killed him with DEAD LETTER DROP as if you had pointed a gun at him….so tomorrow I shall be found DEAD LIKE YOU. She squeezed the trigger twice and fulfilled THE PROPHECY!”