I’m delighted to announce the winners of the Roy Grace Xmas Quiz, compiled by Mastermind contestant Ken Owen, as well as the winner of the separate limerick competition.

5 entrants tied on 49 points, so we used the limerick tie-breaker. This was won by James Fitt who gets a magnum of Champagne and a signed hardback of Perfect People.

His tie breaking limerick is:

There is an Inspector called Roy,
Who is about to have a little boy,
But is this his first,
Or could it be worse,
Who’s the boy with the middle name Roy?

The quiz runners-up, each of whom win a signed hardback of Perfect People are:

Frances Bisbey
Sue Lumsden
Nicky Stevens
Sue Wright

The separate limerick competition has been won by Jacqueline Blake, who receives a magnum of Champagne for:

Detective Roy Grace was a Leo
His girlfriend a mortician called Cleo
His wife Sandy, presumed dead
Her appearance they’d dread
As the pair were becoming a trio

Thank you so much all of you who entered! There will be another quiz to coincide with the screening of the Mastermind episode in which Ken Owen appears with the Roy Grace novels as his chosen Specialist Subject.