I am delighted to announce the winners of the two Roy Grace Xmas quizzes, and thank you all of you who took part, and for your very entertaining and creative entries! Huge congratulations to all winners!

Mastermind Quiz
1st Prize: Sue Wright (Wins an invite for 2 to ‘Love You Dead’ book launch in May 2016, and a signed book)
2nd Prize: Nicky Stevens (Wins a signed Roy Grace book of choice)
3rd Prize: Sue Lumsden (Wins a signed Roy Grace book of choice)
Prize for Best Villain name and Bio: Hilary Whipp with her villain called ‘Choker’. (Wins a Roy Grace Goodie Bag)
Here is the bio:
‘Elizabeth Harper was a tall, beautiful brunette in her late 30’s. She was the senior manager at the Pet Crematorium in East Grinstead. Her clothing was elegant but concealing, always accompanied by a close-fitting triple-strand pearl necklace. Elizabeth’s entire torso was covered with a network of scars that would never disappear, caused by her father’s whip, with which he regularly punished her until his death. Elizabeth was an expensive, discreet, high class call girl, specialising in bondage. She drugged and strangled those clients who proved exceptionally sadistic, disposing of their dismembered bodies after hours at the crematorium.’
Draw for Roy Grace Goodie Bay: Susie Mackenzie-Fidlin

Dead Simple Quiz
1st Prize: Melissa Morris (Wins a signed Roy Grace book of choice, and Roy Grace Goodie Bag)
2nd Prize: Russell Baldwin (Wins a signed Roy Grace book of choice)
3rd Prize: Annet Bluschke (Wins a signed Roy Grace book of choice)
Best choice of animal and name: Jacqueline Blake, with a pink budgerigar named Floyd … named after one of Roy’s favourite bands Pink Floyd! (Wins a Roy Grace Goodie Bag)