I’m thrilled to announce we have air dates in the UK for the Mastermind episode in which contestant Ken Owen has chosen my (first six) Roy Grace novel as his Specialist Subject.

It screens on BBC 2 this Friday, March 23rd at 7.30pm everywhere except Wales, where it will be broadcast on Sat 24th at 6.50pm

Also on the evening of Friday, March 23rd, I’m launching the Mastermind Quizz, prepared for you by Ken Owen. Some of the questions and answers will be in the show, so if you watch it you’ll get a head start! All details of the competition and closing date will be announced on Friday night, here, on Twitter and on Facebook. The winner will received a signed copy of Not Dead Yet, before the publication date of June 7th! And in addition will receive a magnum of fine Champagne. The four runners up will also each receive a signed copy of Not Dead Yet before the publication date! So these five people will get the chance to read the book way before anyone else!