Prepared by Mastermind contender, Ken Owen

WELCOME to the Roy Grace quiz for Christmas 2013!

All detectives know that it is never easy to find the solutions to the questions a crime creates. So it just wouldn’t be right if a Roy Grace quiz were to be … dead simple!

So expect to have to do some focused thinking and proper investigation to find the answers to our Quiz. You are free to use any resource you can – even Peter wouldn’t get them all right without delving deep into the books to find the clues and then also doing further research. Some questions are straightforward; others require a more lateral approach. And some use a Roy Grace “moment” to launch an unrelated question – our hope is that you will find out about other things, things that you didn’t even know you didn’t know!

In our previous quizzes, only a few achieved top marks (and in some, nobody did!), so don’t despair if you can’t work them all out – you may still be the winner.

Please do NOT change the format of the quiz when returning your answers – it is designed so that extra columns are “pasted on” to facilitate marking. Some entries for previous Quizzes had to be “cut and pasted”, question by question, back into this table, taking considerable time.

If two or more have the highest total, there is a tie-breaker to decide the winner. At the end of the quiz, there is space for you to write a limerick (normal five-line format) about Bella Moy. The limerick judged by Peter to be the best of these from any tied answer sheets will be awarded the first prize. And the limericks of all entries will also be judged separately for the best one overall, with a separate prize for that, regardless of the score in the quiz section. New for this year – all entries scoring 50% or more will go into a draw for a special prize! Details at the end of the Quiz sheets.

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 7th January 2014. Please return completed quiz sheets to

A list of answers and notes on the questions will be made available after winners are announced. Naturally, the judges’ decision is final in all matters. Away you go – and, don’t panic – get a (Dead Man’s) Grip….. GRACE CHRISTMAS QUIZ 2013 FINAL VERSION FOR ENTRANTS.doc