Rating: 5 stars

Logan Somerville has gone missing, and other women are vanishing as well. Workmen have discover skeletal remains of a young woman that has probably been dead for 30 years. The past and the future of these women all have something in common. Will Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and his Major Crime Team be able to save Logan and any future women from this twisted killer?

From the first chapter the suspense started and I was drawn in. Leading character Roy Grace is in the process of moving, preparing a eulogy for the death of a fellow officer, someone he once loved that went missing may have been spotted and now women are being kidnapped, and skeletal remains have been discovered. Roy has a lot on his plate. He is a hard worker, a lover of his family and teammates and a man that is dedicated to saving the women of Brighton. Roy is a strong character, and I like that he is written in human likeness showing him dealing with life’s conflicts.

The author goes in great detail to display the case from the fear and cries of the kidnapped victim, the killer with his reason and ways of tracking his next project and finally Roy’s detective skills in tracking down this killer. I love the author’s writing style. He tells details and builds a visual but doesn’t over do it. The suspense is on target, and the plot is so amazingly well thought out and planned all the way to the very end. The main character is well defined in his personal life and his work life. There are an over whelming number of character names mentioned but the author didn’t try to go in to unnecessary details about them.

I am a reader that doesn’t typically like to read lengthy novels. However I found each page a pleasure to read. Each was filled with such suspense and I was so wrapped up in how the story would play out, the length of the novel didn’t even phase me. This is a pleasurable read and as a reader this book left me saying ‘I am so glad I picked this book’. The novel revealed the reason behind the kidnapping and killing and also ended with surprise suspense meaning I will be reading the next book in the Roy Grace series.

This book is highly recommended for those that enjoy a well researched suspenseful novel that is sure to give its reader a thrilling heart pounding climax.