Jamie Ball is driving home from work when he recieves a frantic phone call from his fiancée, Logan Somerville. She had just arrived at the underground parking garage under their apartment building – the last thing he hears from her is a scream!

Police are called and at first seem to think that Jamie might be responsible. He, of course, denies this. Even though she had just called off their planned wedding. That same day, workmen uncover the remains of a woman in her early twenties – dead for at least thirty years!

At first, there seems to be no connection between the two events. But then another woman in Brighton goes missing and another body from the past is brought to light. Grace lost his wife ten years previously when she disappeared. These bodies dredge up memories of the good marriage Roy and his wife had, which makes it doubly hard to do his job as well as to go home to his new wife and child.

A London psychiatrist is confronted by a man who offers to divulge information about Logan. And we’re off to the races. What does he know and how does he know it?

You Are Dead is the eleventh thrilling crime novel in the Roy Grace series. Highly regarded author Peter James has all kind of writing credits to his name – too many to list here.His accolades are world-wide and he has over fourteen million book sales. His characterizations ring true to real life, although I would hate to run into some of his characters in daylight, let alone on a dark night.

You Are Dead is well worth reading, even if you find it difficult to turn out your light at bedtime – a small price to pay for a really, really good book.