Peter James returns with Want You Dead, his new thriller in the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series.

Want You Dead is the tenth in this highly entertaining series and it doesn’t disappoint, set in the world of cyber stalking and electronics, with a dash of magic tricks…brilliant!

The story tells of an online date that goes terrifyingly wrong. She is a ‘smouldering redhead’, he is handsome, charming, rich and dangerous. They are instantly attracted and a deep infatuation with each other develops. In time it becomes apparent that he has been lying about his past and with this knowledge her love turns to terror. His turns to obsession and with her rejection of him he becomes angry and vengeful. So begins a nightmare for her from which there is no place to hide..he will be revenged for her betrayal.

The character development goes from strength to strength and the plot moves at a great pace with scary developments along the way.

Roy Grace returns with other characters whose stories are developing as the series continues. The story is set in and around Brighton and Hove and Peter James writes with such clarity and expertise, those who know these areas will quickly recognise where they are and will enjoy seeing the backdrop.

Want You Dead moves at a fast pace, it keeps the reader on their toes, dodging between the characters and their story lines. Introducing modern technology gives the book an up to date feeling and at the same time highlighting the dark side for which it can be employed. Look out for Want You Dead in the Bestseller list. It’ll be there for sure.

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