At Brighton police HQ, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, head of the Major Crime team, is hoping for a spell of calm as he counts down the days until his wedding. Unfortunately, a killer is unaware of Grace’s personal schedule.

On a leafy golf course lies the body of Dr Karl Murphy. Across town, the doc’s girlfriend Red Westwood waits for him to pick her up for their next date.

It’s been hard for Red to trust again after her previous boyfriend Bryce Laurent turned out to be a violent fraud, who stalked and terrorised her.

What she doesn’t realise is that Bryce is still watching her every move, listening to every conversation, waiting, planning the moment that he will destroy every element of her life.

Karl Murphy was only the first step in a campaign of horror that will see DS Roy Grace’s hopes of a pre-wedding calm spell crash and burn.

With over 14 million book sales, there’s no arguing with James’ lethal talent but even by his stellar standards this terrifying, excruciatingly tense tale of twisted obsession is outstanding.

This is the 10th book in the DS Roy Grace series and it might just be the best one yet.