I am a great fan of Peter James’ books, and don’t believe he could produce a bad one. The plot hinges on the revenge taken by a narcissistic psychopath called Bryce Laurent, who refuses to accept that his girlfriend, Red Westwood, has dumped him. She did this after discovering that absolutely everything he had told her about himself was a lie, and, moreover, that he has done time in the US for different crimes, including assaulting former girlfriends.

Determined on revenge, he begins a campaign of real terror not just on Red, but on everyone connected with her. I was quite frightened myself, just sitting quietly in the sunshine, reading the book. The possibility of shock and horror is just as terrifying as the real thing, especially when the man coming after you is a skilled Houdini-like magician.

I highly recommend this book, although there were times when disbelief simply could not be suspended.