The Perfect Murder

King’s Theatre, Glasgow

18-22 March 2014

Reviewed by Lynsey Miller

Adapted from the Peter James novel, this stage production is about a couple that have been married for 20 years and are now incredible unhappy in their marriage. They have both found love elsewhere and dream of another life. Victor being a big fan of Sherlock Homes plots how to murder his wife. And after he is made redundant, decides to put his plans for the perfect murder to life. However a surprising twist in fate turns the storyline which keeps the audience gripped.

The performances from the whole cast where very convincing with some great, very current, one-liners. Simona Armstrong stood out for me the most as Victor’s love interest – a prostitute named Kamila. She played the light hearted part wonderfully. The length of the play could have perhaps been slightly shorter particularly the first half, however that said, it wasn’t excessively long either.

The stage layout was excellent and well thought out. By sticking to a few simple sets meant the stage could be divided up and no changes etc… were required. This resulted in moving between scenes very effectively.

The King’s Theatre is a traditional very small theatre. The atmosphere and ambiance was warm and the staff very helpful, friendly and polite. Although the theatre is old it is very comfortable and clean. There is a great modern bar which I suspect has been renovated recently. The theatre is in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, which could potentially be difficult for parking at peak times.

I really enjoyed my evening at the King’s Theatre and would certainly return for other productions. I also enjoyed watching The Perfect Murder and would recommend to friends and family.

Overall I would give an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.