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The House on Cold Hill: Heat Magazine

By Isabelle Broom

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Moving from bustling Brighton to a remote area in the Sussex countryside is a big step for Ollie and Caro Harcourt and their 12-year-old daughter Jade. The youngster is cross at being separated from her friends and spends a large amount of time chatting to them on FaceTime. It is during one of these sessions that the Harcourt family realise they might not be the only residents of Cold Hill House, after Jade’s friend sees a strange old lady lurking around in the background. Not long after, Caro is shocked to spot some faces peering down at her from a window. A window to a room that doesn’t seem to exist… So, who or what is haunting the house? And just how much danger are the family in? This novel from the brilliant Peter James had the hairs standing up on our arms from the first page – and it’s based on his own first-hand experiences. Feeling scared? You should be…
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