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The House On Cold Hill is a very well written ghost story that will haunt your imagination for a few hours and keep you in its grip. It has a shocking start and then gets creepy and twisted. A terrific ghostly horror story this is recommended and well worth reading if that’s what rocks your boat. It certainly rocked mine.

This modern chilling tale has the required old haunted house and previous owners with a chequered history. An evil entity from the past lurks in the shadows, but it’s happy to communicate by current day methods to slowly scare the new owners out of their wits.

Ollie, his wife Cara and twelve year old daughter Jade leave their home in Brighton to start an exciting new life in the Sussex countryside. Their expansive new home at Cold Hill House is a perfect renovation property that Ollie and Cara believe to be a potentially great investment. But they hadn’t reckoned on a resident that wants them to stay forever…

Author Peter James does a great job of racking up the suspense as bits of the past are pieced together while events for the family begin to take a turn for the worse. Things are seen around the house and strange happenings are hard to explain rationally. It all gets too much for Ollie, Cara and Jade, not to mention the reader and you just know it’s not going to end well. A cracking story that keeps your interest and takes a good shot at scaring you. I can definitely recommend you consider a purchase. (ARC Received)