Hardback Review – 13 July 2012

Edited by Caroline Jowett

Peter James is on a roll with his Roy Grace novels. To date they have sold more than 11 million copies and have been translated into 34 languages. NOT DEAD YET (Macmillan, £18.99) is the eighth and sees Brighton copper Grace leading two very different cases.

One is to identify a headless corpse found on a remote East Sussex farm, the other is to protect larger-than-life rock star Gaia (a curious blend of Madonna and Lady Gaga) who’s being trailed by a stalker.

An authentic, well-researched and compelling read.


Paperback Review – 9 November 2012

by Charlotte Vowden

* * * * *

Superstar Gaia is in Brighton to make her first film and Roy Grace is doing everything in his power to protect her from a stalker who has already made an attempt on her life. It’s a high-profile case that turns even nastier when the headless body of one of Gaia’s biggest fans is found. The nightmare is only just beginning.