A. N. Wilson confesses to a new addiction:

Peter James’s thrillers, set in Brighton, have attracted a massive following – and, reading this, it’s not hard to see why. Not Dead Yet is brilliantly paced and plotted, with a huge and truly ghastly cast. Gaia, a global pop star wanting to be taken seriously as an actress (think Madonna), is a Brighton girl returning home to make a film about George IV and Mrs Fitzherbert. But even before she arrives, we’ve met at least two extremely creepy figures obsessed with her. Meanwhile, James’s regular detective, Roy Grace, is investigating the nasty case of dismembered body on a nearby farm.

I won’t say how these seriously frightening ingredients reach their climax – but I will reveal that I’m now a Peter James addict. You’ll gulp this book down in three infatuated sittings, deaf to the telephone, indifferent to any distractions.