Well looks like I gave another ????? rating for the book. well it is a Thriller and stuff book and I just love these genres. So I will tell you why in moment…

While reading the book you will be Introduced to Jodie Bentley a very attractive and seductive woman with a fiance at a Ski resort having the time of their lives. Planning on doing an early morning ski. later that day Jodie found out that the police found a lifeless body at the ski resort and it was Identified as his fiance. after that scene the Main character of this series is being introduced to you. Roy Grace is the detective that solves cases in this series. at the beginning of the book Roy is still not over the mysterious disappearance of his wife sandy. It was almost a decade and they couldn’t find any signs of his wife. He was on a case to find Tooth and bring him to Justice. After being Acquainted by Roy another chapter will introduce you to Tooth a hired hitman who finds enjoyment on making the victims/ target suffer before dying. and the last POV is from a burglar named Shelby who tried to steal from Jodie’s house ended up being bitten by a snake( I won’t tell which snake HA!) and if he survives long enough. you’ll have to find out for yourself.

So the Story basically revolves on Jodie. Jodie was an Ugly Duckling and she had an awful childhood she was called with bad names by his own father and she had a Perfect pretty sister that she despise the most. while her sister received all the love she ended up receiving all the hate. And by a twist of faith or as she calls is ” by Accident” her sister died on a cliff. After all that she had been through she had two goals in life. One is to be attractive in every way possible, Two is to be Rich beyond her wildest dreams. but there is always a twist she only believed in the only two way of obtaining money. One is to Work for it, Two is to MARRY IT. and she chose the second option and started with her fiance. she plots the most twisted plans and then orients herself to cry every time she is asked about the love of her life who was found lifeless. after the failed attempt to inherit the money his fiance had she felt the need to have an intimate night with any guy cause she had been with old guys way too much. but she ended up stealing from the money and USB of the guy that she had the intimate night with. not knowing that it was that important to an illegal organization she didn’t know that they hired a hitman to take her down. and not the easy way.Weather the hired killer found her and killed her Is one of the parts that you should anticipate here. and also the part when she Roy Grace plots a plan to capture her and if it works . you will know when you read the book. ( I literally rolled with excitement on this part.)

Sooooooo The Book! It was Awesome!!! by now you probably know I’m a sucker for Thriller and murder books. But! at first I was super confused as to why each chapter was super short. then as I continued reading the book it was really changing the Point Of View each chapter I really thought that there were only two POV’s but there were four. I though Oh God this will be confusing AF because it had too many point of views but No it didn’t it was part of the story and it was really easy to read. the author just added the extra POV to show a particular scene on the story but after that the character was…(I WON’T SPOIL) but let me tell you there will only be three POV’s left haha. The flow of the story went smoothly and I don’t have any problems with the book or characters. and Let me tell you the research to make this book was good and I mean good.The author really exerted effort to do research on types of reptiles to be used and the plot and how to story should flow like a real Detective looking for the murderer. I would have finished the book earlier than this but The firs three weeks of school was so busy I had to read when I was riding a car to school.

Over all a very gooooood Book it reached the standards I like in this genre and it probably went above the standards I hoped for. My ????? is not wasted on this Beautiful work by Mr. Peter James. If I will be given a chance to review another one of his book I’d be more than happy to. Not Dead Enough seemed to get my attention since it was on the last page of the book.


Yessss!!! Yesss!!!! Yeessssssss!!! it is a great book to get hooked on if you love Thriller, Suspense and Murder Genres like me better get a copy of Love You Dead by Mr. Peter James.