Here’s a play which could easily re-awaken your worst nightmare…
A stag party stunt goes horribly wrong – or right depending on the cast member – which leads to a truly bloody outcome and some seriously tense scenes.
Dead Simple is the second of Peter James’ plays to get a theatre outing – the first being last Year’s The Perfect Murder – and again stars Gray O’Brien, this time ably assisted by Tina Hobley, Jamie Lomas and Rik Makarem.
Making use of a cleverly-designed three location stage, you are kept in the dark – literally at time – not knowing what will happen next. And some grisly dark events take place in front of your eyes, continually keeping you guessing who will do what to whom until the main conspirator is brought to justice. Pete Phillips and Tony & Barbara Deakin can now barely wait for the next of James’ books to be staged!