Mark Timlin – 29th May 2005

This is a well above average British police procedural novel. A bunch of yuppies on a stag night play a practical joke on the bridegroom-to- be, an inveterate practical joker himself before it all goes awry. He’s buried alive in a makeshift grave and his friends are dead in a car crash. All, that is, except for the best man, who never made it to the party and decides to keep quiet about the plan (perhaps because he fancies the bride himself), and another, on life support, who could blow the gaff if he comes to. Guess what happens next? Something bad occurs at the hospital and only the best man is still standing.

Enter newly promoted Roy Grace, from West Sussex CID, who cops for the case of the missing man, and “much to his fellow officers’ and superiors’ alarm” calls in a number of psychic detectives to help him in the search before discovering the truth.

This is the first in a new crime series which promises to be both fascinating and destined for the bestsellers.