Carly Stevens swerved to avoid the cyclist, however a positive breath test is the start of her nightmare. When the other two drivers are killed is suspicious circumstances, it appears that Carly’s life could also be in danger.

This is the first book by Peter James that I have read, however my husband has been read them for some time and saying how brilliant they are and so I gave it a go. I am certainly going to be raiding hubby’s bookshelf (compared to be sets of bookshelves) to read more by James! I found myself drawn into the book from page one and it was one of those books that I had to read just one more chapter before I put it down. Set in Brighton, it is a great British cop drama, and I enjoyed reading a British crime novel for a change.

Although this is the seventh in the series of Grace novels I did not find it a problem that I have not read any of the earlier books, it is a great standalone read! I enjoyed the two sides to Grace that James includes in the book: there is Grace, the detective, and the investigation, however, there is also Grace, the fiance, the expectant father and his home life. It was great to read about Grace outside of the force, although of course the case was always there in his mind, he also has Chloe, his fiancee to think about.

I am a follower of Peter James on Twitter and i love reading about his day to day life, his days out with the police force, meetings with doctors and pathologists about details he wants to clarify for his next book and it is evident to see throughout this book that James does much background research before writing each novel. There is much detail contained in the book and it adds something to the story.

I would recommend this book to crime lovers everywhere, whether you are serious Peter James fans or, like me, a Peter James novice.