Hits and misses

by Obed Joshua

Another in the Roy Grace series, this one is a page turner.

Peter James’ Dead Man’s Grip is part of the Roy Grace series featuring the amazing Detective Superintendent from Brighton. This book shows James’ brilliant attention to detail, his knowledge of police work, and also his passion for fast cars.

Fatal drive

The story revolves around the death of a 21-year-old student, Tony Revere, in a freak accident in Brighton. Tony belongs to a powerful mafia family.

The accident involved Ewan Preece, a criminal driving a white van; Stuart Ferguson, a truck driver who was driving above the specified hours limit; and Carly Chase, a young mother who failed an alcohol test. Tony’s mother hires a professional to kill all three as she holds them all equally responsible.

Meanwhile Roy Grace is torn between his pregnant girlfriend, Cleo and the constantly mounting pressure at work. The killer’s meticulous planning makes him always one step ahead of the police and he manages to kill Ewan and Stuart.

The chase

The life of Carly Chase and her son Tyler are now in the hands of Detective Grace. Here begins the cat-and-mouse race with Roy trying to protect them and nab the killer.

The book has all the marks of a perfect crime novel except that the start is slow. The book also takes a trip down Roy Grace’s memories of his past relationship. Seems there’s more to come in the Peter James-Roy Grace series.