In Brighton, England, a horrific three-way collision takes a young American college student’s life, setting in motion a series of events that will leave many more dead. The victim, Tony Revere, is a member of a prominent New York Mafia family, and when news reaches the States that one of their own has been killed, the Mob hatches a deadly plan of revenge on all parties involved. There’s widowed fortysomething attorney Carly Chase, overworked truck driver Stuart Ferguson, and weasel-faced lowlife Ewan Preece. In truth, Preece bears sole responsibility for the accident; the other two were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the Reveres couldn’t care less. They want everyone dead. In the seventh entry in James’ thoroughly engaging Roy Grace series, Detective Grace and his crew of colorful colleagues are put to the test as they contend with criminal elements on both sides of the pond. Once you pick this one up, good luck putting it down. It’s a brisk, smart, nerve-rattling read.