A tragic car accident on the streets of London reveals a conspiracy in Peter James’ “Dead Man’s Grip.”

Single mom Carly Chase, who’s in a hurry, swerves her car to avoid hitting a young man on a bicycle. A multicar accident occurs. Carly drives into a building; the bicyclist is hit by a truck.

Carly is shocked when she fails a blood alcohol test because she hasn’t had a drink since the previous night.

The young man dies. His family has close ties with an organized crime group and orders a professional hit on Carly and any possible witnesses.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace soon discovers that Carly and her son are in danger when the drivers of the other vehicles involved in the accident are found dead. Carly refuses to go into hiding and believes the family will call off the assassin if she apologizes.

James has created a flawed and compelling character in his Detective Superintendent Roy Grace series, and the tense suspense in “Dead Man’s Grip” will keep readers turning the pages. A dopey name for the villain doesn’t keep him from being creepy.

Fans will love this latest Roy Grace thriller, and newcomers will find “Dead Man’s Grip” the perfect place to start.