Had a high speed smash in the second lap of my race at Oulton Park in Cheshire, yesterday. It was definitely one of those “oh sh*****t” moments, particularly in the seconds after impact when I found myself careening along on my side, before the car righted itself.

The chain of events leading to the accident was a spillage of petrol or oil on the track, causing several cars to spin or slide off, as we all entered one of the fastest corners on the circuit, at about 85mph. Before you see me, I had slid off onto the wet grass, was holding the car steady and about to get back onto the track, still travelling at very high speed, when a car spun right across my path. I swerved to avoid hitting it, went sideways, and then struck a car that had spun in the middle of the track. Watch the white car come off, then the blue car spin, then wait for the yellow car – that’s me folks!

This is the film clip, taken by chance by a spectator, now up on YouTube.

You may also enjoy the selection of before and after photos below, including the one of blue car 93 which I struck.

Happily, and miraculously, no one was injured, although I am somewhat bruised and sore today.

One veteran driver came up to me afterwards and said that now I had had a major shunt, I could call myself a proper racing driver!

Then a wag came up to me, looking at the ‘DEAD TOMORROW’ posters plastered on each side of the car and said, “I think you should change the title of your book, mate, to “ALMOST DEAD TOMORROW”.

Peter James Car Smash
PJ and car before the race

Peter James Car Smash
The Rescue Team

Peter James Car Smash
Ambulance arrives on the scene

Peter James Car Smash
The Aftermath

Peter James Car Smash
Number 93, Which I Crashed Into