I’ve recently been playing with Twitter, the microblogging service that’s become incredibly popular in the last year. Twitter lets people post very short messages (140 characters, the same length as an SMS) to their Twitter page, letting friends know what they are up to. (If you use Facebook, it’s a little bit like the Facebook Status updates – I’m on Facebook as well, incidentally).

Twitter is a great way for connecting more easily with people who have common interests – you simply follow people who are interesting to you – and if they stop being interesting, you unfollow them with a click of the mouse! You can search for topics of interest to you on search.twitter.com and then you will see real-time updates from other people on Twitter.

At the moment I’ve just started on Twitter, but I’m greatly enjoying using it – if you are curious about what I’m up to in between the times I’m not blogging – and if you want to know how the next Roy Grace novel is coming along blow by blow! – please do check out my Twitter page and follow me if you’d like to keep up to date.