Many of you have asked to see pictures of my new desk which I designed myself together with carpenter Antony Scudder.

Ever since I wrote my first published novel, back in 1981, I have wanted to design my perfect desk, but never got around to it, and finally this summer I decided I would get on with it!

Antony is a wonderful craftsman and has done private commissions for, among others, Sir Richard Branson.  It was finally installed this past week, rather alarmingly arriving in several hundred sections, and the photos below show some of the amazing details he has put into the desk. I’m thrilled to bits.  And as I spend a big portion of my life sitting behind it, it now makes my work an even bigger joy!

Master craftsman Antony Scudder starts the laborious assembly process
It starts to take shape…
Erm….. hope there’s not going to be a bit left over……
The finished item!  Note the wondeful business card holder he has made
to match the desk on the left!

Another example of the wonderful detail. He made four one-inch thick
wooden coasters which double as paperweights.
The back of the desk is bookshelves, which was his idea and I think is really smart.
Wider view of rear of desk.
Happy author in his lair, driving his new desk!