May 2018 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay since my last newsletter… but I am sure you’ll be pleased to know there is a good reason for this… which is that I have been flat out not only finishing the latest Roy Grace ‘Dead If You Don’t’ but also writing the sequel to ‘The House On Cold Hill’ which will be out Autumn 2019.

2018 is looking like being the most exciting year in my working career so far with two books out this year – more below!

Dead If You Don’t – Out on May 17th

Dead If You Don’t is the tightest pace novel I’ve ever written with all the action taking place over 48 hours. It centres around the kidnap of a teenage boy from a football stadium that turns out to be a little bit more complicated than Roy Grace first thinks…

Order from your local bookstore or Click here to pre-order from Amazon

Absolute Proof

I’m delighted to share with you the amazing cover for ‘Absolute Proof’. This is a book I have been working on since 1989! It all began when I got a phone call out of the blue from an elderly man who said he’d been given absolute proof of God’s existence and that he’d been told I was the person to help him get taken seriously.  Twenty five years of the most fascinating research I have ever done followed and this novel, which is a thriller with an international canvas, is out on October 4th this year.

I am massively excited about this book. Whether you have any interest in religion, or are a hard core atheist hopefully you’ll have a lot of fun reading this.

Order from your local bookstore or Click here to pre-order from Amazon

Research – Ecuador and Key West Florida

Villains do not work office hours, and they are not constrained by national borders – and neither are authors!  In my determination to try to keep my Roy Grace stories fresh and topical I am always looking at potential story lines around the world. In my research for the next Roy Grace novel, which is on romance fraud, Lara and I took my real life Roy Grace, David Gaylor, and his wife Lyn to Miami, Ecuador, the Galapagos and to Key West Florida (where I am pictured outside the home of one of my heroes, Ernest Hemmingway, in the main picture for this newsletter).

Watch out for these places in my future books as I have picked up a lot of inspiration and spent time out there with the Police too.  Here I am pictured outside the beautiful Key West Police building which looks more like a hotel than a cop shop. They told me their slogan is ‘Protecting and Serving Paradise’.

YouTube | Peter James TV

I hope you are enjoying my Authors Studio interviews on my YouTube channel. Special highlights from the last months on Peter James TV are my interviews with Ian Rankin, Sandra Brown and Michael Connelly.

And finally…

We have a new addition to our family! Oscar, our often naughty Labrador-cross rescue dog, performed a rescue himself. He appeared in our office trying to show us something he had in his mouth… it was a duck egg. Normally he devours eggs but this one he released gently into my wife, Lara’s, hand. She squealed with delight when she heard it making tapping noises and then tiny little chirrups. We put it on a blanket on the warm Aga overnight, quickly purchased an incubator and the following day it hatched!

He’s a beautiful Indian Runner duck and because it was such a miracle of survival we named him Mickey Magic. He lived with us in the house for 4 months and then we put him in a separate area of our chicken run and we got him a friend who we call ‘The Assistant’. Both are really happy, although ‘he’ has turned out to be a ‘she’ as they both lay eggs every day!

Thanks for reading.
All my best,

Peter James