As Peter James was born in Brighton, Sussex, on the South Coast, he has very kindly allowed us to talk about our new Internet Television Channel for the area, TVS Television. TVS Launched on 5 July 2014 with the Live broadcasting of neighbouring Eastbourne’s 999 Display. The event was filmed and broadcast Live by TVS on Sussex Police’s website. It will then be available to view on demand on the website for TVS at

TVS where back in the early 1990s Peter was a regular guest on the Fern Britton show, is making a comeback after 22 years and will feature lots of community interest programmes, to include documentaries on events such as Pride 2014, a series on Sussex music band talents, a Paranormal series, a children’s series and much more. So it will have lots of exciting new content, under the umbrella of the good old name.

TVS is on Social Media. We can be found at and Please do hop along and Follow us. If you have any ideas for content you would like to see broadcast then please do contact us via these methods or via our website