Peter James - Traffic Cop

So, here’s a sight you don’t want to see in your headlights!!! The original gamekeeper turned poacher! This was taken when I spent a Friday night out with Polegate Road Policing Unit (as Traffic Police are now called). They set up this laser speed trap on a 40 mph limit on the outskirts of Eastbourne at dusk. One thing that I found interesting was the number of motorists who slowed immediately they spotted us, but the instant they passed, deliberately accelerated hard in an act of “yah boo sucks” defiance!

After only a few minutes using the device, I became dab hand at it, clocking several motorists at speeds in excess of 60 mph and one at 74 – but of course not being a police officer, the ones I clocked didn’t count. Secretly I felt relieved for those motorists. Not a nice way to start the weekend, with a speeding fine. But better than starting it dead.