I get many emails every day from you, my wonderful readers here in the UK and around the world. Mostly they are really nice, occasionally they point out an error, just occasionally they are somewhat blunt, like one I received a couple of months ago:
“Dear Mr James, I have just worked out that I am quite a bit younger than you, and I suspect I am probably fitter than you, which means you are likely to die before me. I hope that you have got the resolution to Sandy’s disappearance safely tucked away in your publisher’s vaults, so that in the event of your sudden demise, we, your loyal readers, are not left in suspense for ever.”
Well, I can assure this reader that I am thinking hard about this!
My favourite email of all this year, so far at any rate, is one from a police officer in Brighton, a Detective Constable, who wrote to tell me that he started reading my books after he arrested a suspect earlier this year, and when he was booking him into custody, the suspect turned to him and said, “You know, you’re just like a cop in a Peter James novel!”