Well, we all have different styles of working. Me, I like to sit at my desk, slurping my vodka martini (at my evening session only!!!) opera or jazz gently pumping out of my Bose speakers. Neil Pearson is clearly the hunched forward, raring-to-go type, while William Gaminara – well, clearly a little laid back.

Neil Pearson

Just attended yesterday the recording of the audio book of Not Dead Enough which is read by Neil Pearson. He has a very different style of working to William Gaminara, who voiced the audio book of Dead Simple in a very laid-back manner… see the photographs of them both reading my books.

William Gaminara

William (whose acting credits include The Archers and 44 episodes of Silent Witness is a really nice guy – I particularly warmed to him last year in the studio when I discovered he is a serious poker player! He did a great job on the Dead Simple audio book, but unfortunately because of back and arm injury he was unable do Not Dead Enough. However we were lucky enough to get the equally charming and hugely talented Neil Pearson – a face familiar to all from The Booze Cruise, Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Whistle Blower, Drop The Dead Donkey, and a gazillion other high profile productions.

I was very surprise to find a whole other side beyond the acting profession to Neil: He is an absolute authority – not just a collector but a total mine of immensely fascinating information – on rare books – and has his own book on the subject coming out this autumn. From the stories he told me in the studio yesterday it will be a great read.

And on the subject of rare books, I was amused to see copies of my first novel Dead Letter Drop fetching up to £142.00 on the rare books site www.addall.com. Funny that this and my other two early novels, Atom Bomb Angel and Billionaire, which I keep out of print at my request as I am not proud of them, fetch so much more than the bargain £12.99 of Not Dead Enough!!!