Thanks all of you who took part in my What’s Cooking quiz! Some of your answers were quite brilliant and really made me smile.

Well, no one actually got all three answers right, although Steve Hargrave, Helen Bayley and Julie Hargrave came close!

The correct answers are that it was indeed Dennis Nilsen who was the owner. In the pot when the police entered his home was a male human head. But the picture was taken in the so called “Black Museum” at New Scotland Yard, where these delightful objects now permanently reside, still in their original filthy state.

The Black Museum is used for training detectives so all items, such as bloodstained knives taken from crime scenes, are kept deliberately as found for the detectives to see.

So I’m going to award a paperback to each of you, Steve, Helen and Julie – can you email me to the address you would like the book sent to.

It has been hard to decide on which is the wittiest of the other replies, as I love them all, but I’m going to give it to Jacqueline Twamley for her very clever answer!

Jacqueline also please email me a postal address.

A huge thanks to all who took part!