We have a new addition to our canine family, the hugely delightful, 12 week old Coco, bringing the strength back up to three hounds after the sad losses of Sooty and Bertie last year.

Coco is a cross between a Shitzu and a Poodle. Apparently the breed is known as a Shipoo, which sounds only marginally less rude than leaving the “t” in!!!! Named for her elegance after Coco Chanel, rather than chocolate! But she is so light, I’ve nicknamed her Diet Coke.

And digressing on the subject of Coco Chanel, here is your interesting fact for the day, told to my by my late mother, who had met her. Apparently the mystery behind why her most famous perfume is named “Chanel No 5” is a very simple one: When the great couturier decided to produce a perfume under her name, she went to a large ‘parfumier’ factory in Grasse, where a row of different scents were laid out in tester jars along a shelf, and numbered from 1 – 50. She liked number 5!