Every year Ken Owen, who had chosen my Roy Grace novels as his specialist subject on Mastermind, creates a Christmas Quiz for my readers. It is notoriously challenging, so this year to open it up to more of you who perhaps don’t have the time or the inclination to burrow through my books and the internet and your brains for the answers, he has created The “Dead Simple” quiz in addition to “The Mastermind” one. Here are the links and all instructions, including the list of prizes to be won. Just to reassure you, although the links take you to Dropbox,you don’t need a Dropbox account to open and enter these. When you click on either of the links below you may get a pop-up box asking you if you want to create a Dropbox account. You can just ignore this by clicking ‘No thanks, continue to download’ at the bottom of the pop up box then click ‘Download’ from top right, and ‘Direct Download’ and it then opens in Microsoft Word. The quizzes are open to all around the world. The closing date for entries is Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016. You should receive an automated acknowledgement once you have submitted your answers on email. If you don’t receive this please let us know. Good luck everyone!

Link for the “Dead Simple” Quiz: http://bit.ly/1QqDzQH

Link for “The Roy Grace Mastermind” Quiz: http://bit.ly/1P5al8I