I am so sorry that I’ve left such a long gap between blogs. I fell behind my deadline for delivery of the manuscript of my new Roy Grace novel, “Not Dead Enough” and had to drop everything to finish it – thankfully now done!

I’ve also been travelling extensively, most recently to New York and to New Orleans (or “No Orleans” as the local wits now call it) and will be writing up blog entries on both of these very shortly.

I’m writing this on a plane en-route to Dresden where I start my German book promotion tour for Looking Good Dead (or “Stirb Schon” as it is called in translation). They have made an amazing television and cinema trailer which you can click on below to watch. Watch the flying beetle very closely!

I will now be adding new blog entries at least weekly, and sometimes sooner. I hope you find them of interest and I always love to hear your comments.

Here’s the Stirb Schon trailer via YouTube: