“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient Chinese curse…   well, this has certainly been an interesting and varied week for me, although I am happy to relate, not too badly cursed…

At 2am on Tuesday, fuelled by a large vodka martini followed by copious quantities of a fabulous Mersault, and accompanied by a smouldering cigar, I finished my new Roy Grace novel, “DEAD MAN’S GRIP”  which will be published in the UK at the end of May 2011.

Then on Wednesday I was at the wonderfully glamourous and glitzy Galaxy National Book Awards, where I was shortlisted for Popular Fiction Book Of The Year along with Lee Child, Jilly Cooper, Dorothy Koomson, David Nicholls and Philippa Gregory.  Just as well I had remembered to collect my Happy Loser Smile from the dry cleaners, as, guess what, yet again I had to put it on!  Still the lovely Jill Cooper, the very charming Lee Child and I had a nice time commiserating together afterwards!

On Thursday I had to award the prizes and give the prize-giving speech to pupils at Brighton’s Dorothy Stringer school, which was attended by about 350 pupils and parents.  I’ve done many school events over the years, but this one, without doubt, had the nicest atmosphere of any I have ever been to.  Truly delightful staff and bright, friendly and confident youngsters.  As I was leaving I said to the headmaster that I wished I’d been lucky enough to have been educated there, and I meant it.

On Friday I attended the start of a sleepover in aid of the St Patricks Night Shelter and other shelters for the homeless in Brighton, by the amazing homeless care team of St John’s Ambulance.  It was the perfect  night to raise awareness – a howling gale and lashing rain.  Not fun for those choosing to do it for one night, and even less fun for those many homeless who have no such choice.

Now today Saturday I’m at Brands Hatch, doing a night race in the works Honda Accord….

I think I might sleep tomorrow…!