I had a novel experience this afternoon, while I was signing books at a large outdoor public event.  It was the 250th anniversary celebrations of Shoreham Harbour, the major seaport at the western extremity of Brighton, and I had written a foreward for the book commemorating this event.  I was signing copies both of this and of my own book, when a very sweet elderly lady came up to me, and asked if I would sign a copy of my book, Dead Tomorrow for a friend of hers and write in it “Happy 80th birthday, Fred!”
I duly did this, handed her back the book and she handed me a pound coin.  Assuming this was part payment for the book, I pointed to the cash desk and told her that was where she needed to go an pay.  “No dear,” she said very sweetly.  “This is for you for signing the book!”
It was the first time in all my career I’ve ever been tipped for signing a book.  I asked her instead to put the money in the collection box for the Lifeboat charity.  But then I started pondering….   Perhaps I could start a whole new revenue stream here for authors….  “The price of my future novels will be £18.99 plus service!”