John and Susan are happily married and successful professionals. John’s multimedia business is beginning to pay back handsomely on its initial investment, Susan is a respected editor at a London publishing house. It seems that life couldn’t be better.

And then one day John’s new bank manager calls in their overdraft. They have thirty days to find £1.5 million or lose their house, the business, everything. All looks lost until they are offered a deal by an enigmatic Swiss banker, Emil Sarotzini.

Suddenly the money is on the table but the price to be paid cuts to the core of their marriage. Sarotzini wants Susan to be the surrogate mother of his child. At first they say no, but as the deadline approaches they realise that they have no option. John cannot face defeat, Susan knows that he lives for his business. What John doesn’t know is that Susan has never let go of her most heartfelt desire – to be a mother. They say yes…and the terror begins.

Why is Emil Sarotzini so secretive? How does he know so much about them? Could he be the man who was meant to have died in 1947 – the man who was the inspiration for Aleister Crowley? What is the truth behind his offer?