ISBN: 978-0-7528-3745-1

As well as being published in both paperback and hardback, Host was also the world's first novel to be published on floppy disk.

Like Dr Frankenstein, brilliant scientist Joe Messenger will stop at nothing in his quest for immortality.

Through a combination of artificial intelligence and the freezing of bodies, Joe hopes to be able to defeat death itself. When he meets and falls for Juliet Spring, a gifted young researcher who claims to have stumbled on a way to transfer human consciousness into a computer, he believes the final breakthrough is near.

Then tragedy strikes and it seems as if the quest is doomed to failure. But as Joe is caught up in a series of bizarre and increasingly sinister accidents, he finds himself facing the terrifying consequences of his own obsessions...

Virtual Obsession: the television adaptation of Peter James' Host

Host became a television mini-series! HOST was filmed by ABC television as a three-hour continuous television film in and around Salt Lake City in November/December 1997. Directed by Mick Garris (who directed the miniseries of Stephen King's The Stand and The Shining), written by Preston Sturges Jnr (son of the great writer/director), it stars Peter Gallagher (While You Were Sleeping, sex lies and videotape) as Dr Joe Messenger, Mimi Rogers (Austin Powers) as Karen Messenger, Jake Lloyd, Andy Comeau and Robert Vaughan (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)

It screened in the US in February 1998 and in the UK in August 1999 under the title VIRTUAL OBSESSION. HOST also stars (for all of five seconds) the author himself, seated at a computer screen - but don't blink folks...

Published May 1994

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